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2013 Animal Conservation Achievements


Animal conservation is one of the most important activities for Alma Park Zoo.

As 2013 draws to a close, we are taking a look back on the contributions Alma Park Zoo has made to animal conservation during the year.

We are delighted that we have been able to raise over $10,000 for animal conservation groups and contribute to the genetic diversity of Cotton Top Tamarins, Emperor Tamarins, Tasmanian Devils and Koalas.  We would like to thank all those who have supported the Zoo with our animal conservation activities throughout 2013.

Animal Conservation Donations


Thank you to our amazing Alma Volunteers!

In 2013, Alma Park Zoo have raised over $10,000 in donations for external animal conservation groups.   This was achieved by:

  • Special Event Days at the Zoo
    • - Maly the Sunbear Birthday Event
    • - Rainforest Conservation Day
    • - International Red Panda Day
    • - Simba the Dingo Birthday Event
    • - Australia Day Native Animal Day
    • - Free the Bears Auction Gala
  • Donation boxes around the Zoo for:
    • - Cotton Top Tamarins
    • - Koalas
    • - Dingoes
    • - Sunbears

All funds were donated to the following animal conservation beneficiaries that are supported by Alma Park Zoo:

  • Free the Bears – Saving Sunbears
  • Australian Dingo Foundation
  • Australian Koala Foundation
  • Devils in Danger  - Saving Tasmanian Devils. 
  • Proyecto Titi – Saving Cotton Top Tamarins. 
  • Red Panda Network. 

Thank you to all our guests who attended Alma’s Special Event Days and contributed to helping us raise money to donate to animal conservation funds.  A big thank you also to the amazing Alma Park Zoo Volunteer Team that provide valuable contributions to organising and running these Event Days so that they are a success for humans and animals alike!

The Staff and Volunteers of Alma Park Zoo who helped make Cele-BEAR-ating Malys 5th Birthday a fun event for all.

The Staff and Volunteers of Alma Park Zoo who helped make Cele-BEAR-ating Malys 5th Birthday a fun event for all.

Breeding Program Achievements

Zoo breeding programs are very important for supporting animal conservation initiatives throughout the world.  Animals that are becoming endangered in their own natural environment need the support of Zoo collections.  Zoo’s contribute to preserving and enhancing the genetic diversity of the endangered and threatened species through breeding programs.

Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys

With less than 5,000 Cotton Top Tamarins in the wild, Zoo breeding programs are very important to save Cotton Top Tamarins from extinction.  Alma Park Zoo is one of the only Zoos in Australia that actively support Proyecto Titi to save the Cotton Top Tamarins in their natural habitat.  We have also successfully welcomed the arrival of 5 Cotton Top Tamarin offspring to contribute to other Zoo breeding programs.

Emperor Tamarin Monkeys

In early 2013, Alma Park Zoo became a member of the European Endangered Species breeding program with the arrival of a breeding pair of Emperor Tamarin Monkeys to the Zoo.

Becoming a member of this important international program was awarded based on an excellent track record of husbandry and breeding of primates, including marmosets and the Critically Endangered Cotton Top Tamarins.  This international transfer of a pair of Emperor tamarins marks the passing of a complex and lengthy process.

In December 2013, we were delighted with the arrival of our first Emperor Tamarin Monkey born at the Zoo.  More details on this baby will be available soon on our website.

Keeper Lorna with a Tasmanian Devil imp - November 2013

Keeper Lorna with a Tasmanian Devil imp – November 2013
Photo © Teale Shapcott

Tasmanian Devils

Alma Park Zoo’s Tasmanian Devil Program is continuing to contribute to enhancing the genetic diversity of Tasmanian Devils with four new imps arriving this year.  Tasmanian Devils are endangered from Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).  DFTD is a fatal condition in Tasmanian Devils and is only one of three recorded cancers that spread like a contagious disease.  Tasmanian Devils contract DFTD through biting.

Owing to the lack of genetic diversity in Tasmanian Devils, live tumor cells are not rejected by their immune system.

For this reason, Tasmanian Devils are being bred in Zoos and Wildlife Parks on mainland Australia to improve genetic diversity of the Devils and to develop a DFTD free population of Devils.


Koala populations across Australia continue to be threatened by urban sprawl.  Alma Park Zoo’s Koala breeding program has also been very successful in 2013 with the arrival of 3 baby koalas.   These koalas will move onto other Zoo’s to continue enhancing the genetic diversity of koalas in other Zoo breeding programs.

Looking forward to 2014.

Thank you to everyone who supported Alma Park Zoo in 2013!  We look forward to 2014 being an even better year than 2013 for animal conservation at Alma!

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